Traffic and site access related issues can be complicated and overwhelming. With over 40 years of practical experience, Skip Hudson with Turnkey Consulting LLC has the skills and expertise to keep your project or program on track and within budget.

Skip Hudson

Meet Skip Hudson

with Turnkey Consulting LLC

Skip has successfully completed over 400 projects as a project engineer and project manager during the past 38 years. He also served the public as traffic & safety program manager for CDOT Region 3 and FHWA’s Utah Division. Skip is a professional engineer registered in Colorado (Barrie Leigh Hudson.)

Our Mission

Skip Hudson with Turnkey Consulting LLC is a reputable consultant and highly experienced professional engineer specializing in traffic impact studies and CDOT access permitting. With an impressive track record of over 40 years in the industry, Skip Hudson with Turnkey Consulting LLC brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, including traffic engineering, transportation planning, highway design, and government program management.

When it comes to traffic impact studies, Skip conducts thorough assessments to evaluate the potential effects of new developments or infrastructure projects on traffic patterns and surrounding communities. He can provide detailed reports, data analysis, and recommendations to guide decision-making in the access permitting process.

My highway agency permiting service ensures that my clients comply with the regulations and requirements set by local, state, and federal authorities. Skip will handle all the necessary documentation, applications, and approvals, allowing yu the client to focus on your core business operations while I navigate the permitting process on your behalf.

Traffic Impact Analysis

In the field of traffic engineering, my expertise lies in analyzing and optimizing traffic flow, designing efficient road networks, access management strategies, and implementing effective traffic management strategies. I utilize the latest technology and industry best practices to deliver solutions that enhance safety, reduce congestion, and improve overall traffic performance.

Legal support is another crucial aspect of my services. I can assist clients in traffic-related legal matters, such as expert witness testimony, response to property condemnation actions, and property access disputes.

I always prioritize close collaboration with my clients. I believe in building strong relationships based on trust, effective communication, and mutual understanding. My goal is to provide tailored solutions that align with my clients’ objectives, budgets, and timelines.

I take pride in my ability to deliver high-quality services that consistently meet and exceed client expectations. With my expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, I strive to be the go-to consultant for all traffic engineering, transportation planning, and highway design needs.

Hundreds of references available upon request